Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Very Vinyl Whores Halloween: Zither me Pink

What the fuck is a Zither you may ask?  It's akin to the autoharp but has the resonance of a guitar, and above Ruther Welcome is dipping her zither into a caldron.  This album has nothing to do with witches, or Halloween, or magic in a Harry Potter sense of the word magic.  Instead this is magical like a beautiful sunset, or a good bowel movement.  That is the kind of magic Ruth's Zither creates.
I am surprised by how much I enjoy the Zither, it has the retro sound that could end up as background music in a Quentin Tarantino Movie.  I could see Daryl Hannah or Pam Grier walking in slow motion while doing something cool and sexy like flipping their hair while loading a gun.

Check out her Zither....

Just yesterday i stumbled across 4 more of Ruth Welcome's Zither albums at Salvation army while Tirtzah and Tanner and I braved the possibility of bed bugs looking for Halloween costumes.  So we won't be left wanting an album full of zither.

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