Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Sleeveface

Thanksgiving was a raging success thanks to our Chef's Dan, Anne, Tirtzah (NAILED IT), and Elizabeth (Vintage Spinster).  Me and Trevor and Tim hung back and did what people who can't cook do...we got drunk.  Each chef came prepared, having prepped their foods ahead of time so there was plenty of time for all the traditional Thanksgiving activities.  The parade, the dog show, the pot cookies, the booze and now a new tradition has emerged.  The Thanksgiving Sleeveface.  I have been pulling possible sleeveface albums for a couple weeks, but everybody dove in and found what they wanted.  I think the work speaks for itself.




Tomorrow will be Part 2 Barbra Streisand Thanksgiving Sleeveface.  Followed by Part 3 the Making of Sleeveface: It Takes and Army.

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