Monday, December 26, 2011

MERRY XMAS FROM VINYL WHORES: Charlie Brown (Let's Talk Guaraldi)

There is no finer Christmas album than the simple and beautiful soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.  There I said it.  Many that come close, Bing Crosby's Christmas Album I even dare say the Mariah Carey's Christmas Album is another personal favorite, but there is something about Vince Guaraldi's holiday masterpiece that takes the cake.  It's absolute, pure magic.  Not only does it drum up childhood memories for everyone who hears this album, it is everything that Christmas is about.  I have a personal favorite track from the album, the instrumental version of Christmas Time is is perfection.

I listening to this song summer or winter, rain or shine and it always puts me at ease.

Another classic song, Skating (our friend Josh's favorite song from the album, I Won't)

O Tannenbaum.....

What Child is This?

I love the songs where Vince incorporates the children's voices, like here My Little Drum.


The Goose is getting fat....

Fur Elise

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)

I hope you all have the happiest holidays, and I hope Charlie and Vince have brought you some Christmas joy!

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