Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Who doesn't love Liberace?  Just look at her!  She's like a snow covered Christmas tree in that brilliant fop coat, flagged by 2 gold trees.  In all honesty whenever we play him I feel like Annette Benning in American Beauty, but who wouldn't want that?  Last night we listened to Liberace's Christmas album for the first time while eating Dan's amazing homemade french onion soup it was shear perfection.  Just like a couple of old queens from the early 60's probably did.  I love the first track on the album, Twas the Night Before Christmas, with the complete story as read by Liberace herself.

There is something malevolant about his voice, almost like Big Brother were reading the holiday classic instead of everyone's favorite flamboyant pianist.

how does he do it? He retains his drama and theatricallity even when playing a ballad!

I am a huge fan of a medley, especially an xmas medely!  Liberace loved a Christmas medley!

This one is from the 80's and all I have to say is, where's the fur coat libby?

Here is a brilliant spoof from SCTV.

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