Monday, March 26, 2012

Long Time No Blog: Redskin Romp

Us Vinyl Whores have been on a long hiatus, life gets busy and blogging falls the way side.  But I recently received a gift that I just couldn't pass up sharing.
If you know anything about us you are aware we (your vinylwhores) are obsessed with Indians (feathers not dots).  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest Native American culture was pounded into me like botox into Madonna's face.  And as I became gayer and interested in all things campy and kitschy I found my love of old racist Indian stuff.  Now we have a house filled with cigar store Indians, paintings, even authentic Indian baskets.  So when I received this gift in the mail from one Miss Julie Dowen you bet I squealed out loud like I was being scalped.  It turns out that the old Redskin Romp is actually amazing big band jazz music so it's a double whammy: kitschy and great tunes.

This is the song Cherokee by Charlie Barnet and his orchestra.  I am listening to it rights now and it makes me wanna curl up under a blanket covered in small pox.  Well now that I am back in the swing I'll try to blog on a more regular basis.  Check back and see what my next weird share might be.


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